Cilantro Roots

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cilantro roots

Raag Pug Chee   รากผักชี

Cilantro with roots are available at some farmers' markets.  I cut the roots (with a little bit of stem) and use the rest.  It can be washed and frozen for later use without losing its potency.

Roots are used frequently in Thai cooking.  It tastes milder than cilantro leaves.  

Drop some cilantro roots in soup for the wonder aroma and taste.

Recipes made with cilantro roots

  • vegetarian red curry paste

    Vegetarian Red Curry Paste

    Prig Gang Mungsavirat

    Vegetarian red curry paste

  • oxtail soup

    Oxtail Soup

    Soop Hang Woa

    Clear spicy and sour oxtail soup. 

  • green curry paste

    Green Curry Paste

    Prig Gang Kiew Wan

    Spicy green curry paste made with fresh Thai green chili peppers.

  • basic red curry paste

    Basic Red Curry Paste

    Prig Gang Kua

    Basic Red Curry Paste or Prig Gang Kua is the most basic curry paste.

  • red curry paste

    Red Curry Paste

    Prig Gang Ped

    Aromatic curry paste made with Thai fresh and dry spices

  • tapioca dumplings

    Tapioca Dumplings

    Saku Sai Moo

    Steamed dumplings with pork and peanut filling wrapped in tapioca pearls

  • grilled chicken

    Grilled Chicken

    Gai Yaang

    Thai grilled chicken, marinated in lemongrass, garlic, salt and pepper.

  • pork rice porridge

    Pork Rice Porridge

    Joke Moo Sub

    Rice porridge with ground pork balls, chopped cilantro, green onion and ginger.

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