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Thai food outside of Thailand can be just as great as the food we make in Thailand and that means using all the same products and ingredient Thai people use every day.  The ThaiTable technology platform was built to promote Thai food through a number of unique capabilities. has been a publisher of excellence for the past 13 years and is one of the few trusted source for Thai food knowledge on the Internet.  Now reaching between 2 and 3 million unique readers annually, all of whom are interested in Thai food and Thailand, is can help you build your brand and increase sales outside of Thailand.


We provide 6 basic services. Sponsor Partnership

We will choose a small number of companies as sponsoring partners. We will provide a wide range of advertising across the website, visible by all visitors, plus in-depth support on products, customer and market knowledge.

Recipe Products and Ingredient Products

On each recipe and ingredient page, you can promote your product that is used specifically for that dish or ingredient.  This kind of promotion is highly focused and will reach consumers who are learning about that recipe or ingredient.  It provides name recognition when the consumers are at the market. 

Product Pages

While all companies have their own website, our product pages are uniquely optimized to match consumer needs.  The pages feature:

  • basic product and brand information
  • a list the recipes consumers can make with the product
  • a list the nearby asian markets and other stores where consumers can likely find your product.  

The product pages are highly customizable and can be branded and filled with your logo, graphics and text or video.

Because these pages are hosted under the domain, they will benefit from our 13 years of authority reputation with the search engines and are likely to rank high on searches.

Banner and Video Advertising

You can purchase banner ads ad-hoc site-wide or in any of the sections, recipes, ingredients or articles.

Your videos can be placed on articles, recipes and ingredients.

Product Consulting

We know the western consumer market.  We can help you launch products, design packaging, understand consumer needs, perform surveys and market research and perform a wide range of product oriented activities.

Next Steps

Please contact or by email or at +1-650-492-5690 for more information.

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