Copyright Policy

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A copyright provides the creators of certain kinds of materials, such as text, photos, video, audio, illustrations and software of this website, the right to decide and control how such material can be used.  With the exception of User Generated Content, as defined and governed by the Terms of Use, this entire website is original content created by or directly for the owners of and we reserve all rights. 

These rights are global and are regulated by a number of international treaties and conventions, including the Berne Convention, the Univeral Copyright Convention, the Rome Convention and the Geneva Convention.  The material of this website is protected by United States copyright law.

If you are interested in reusing our copyright material, you must contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your interests.

You need to contact us for our permission to reproduce, distribute, transmit, display or publish this material.  

Special Cases

We have special programs for restaurants, publishers and translators.

If you are using this material for teaching, classroom or instructional material, you must get permission.

If you are a student, you must ask and we are usually happy to grant the right to quote text from the website, providing acknowledgement or attribution is provided in the form of "Copyright (YEAR) and it's owners".  

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