Our Perspective

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Our goal is to help you to cook and enjoy great Thai food no matter where you are.

Underlining Principle

We aim to give you a complete knowledge of Thai food and Thai eating culture so that you have a deep understanding of how to approach, cook and eat a dish. With this deep understanding, you’ll be able to make adjustments to suit your needs and requirements without compromising the integrity of the dish.

Step-by-step Pictures

We, hopefully, hook you with mouth watering pictures and help you see how to cook it with our step-by-step pictures.

Finding Ingredients

Sourcing ingredients outside of Thailand can be challenging. Getting the right ingredients goes a long way.  Our gallery of ingredients has pictures of each ingredient with names in English as well as ethnic names, how to store and even how to grow some of them.

List of Markets

Our list of markets covers most areas around the world. In some areas, local markets have Thai ingredients. In other areas, ethnic markets are a heaven for ingredients. Many readers send in their favorite markets’ listings.

Thai Cooking System

At ThaiTable, we advocate deep understanding of the dish and ingredients and tasting the food rather than relying on exact measurement. Cook books give exact measurement and expect you to follow to get the desired results. The Thai system, have you rely on your tongue to get the perfect taste.

Use the measurement as a guide. The ingredients can vary widely from place to place, brand to brand. My home grown vegetables taste so much different than the commercially grown ones. There are so many different grades of commercial fish sauce, thus flavor and saltiness varies.

The techniques offered here are tried and true. I make these dishes numerous time before turning them into recipes on ThaiTable. I choose easy, new technique without compromising the flavors. But traditional methods are explained.

Eating Thai Food Without Cooking

Enjoying Thai food includes going to Thai restaurants. We have extensive listing of Thai restaurants all over the world, sent in by their customers. We also review Thai restaurants, especially in Thailand.

If there is a dish that you can’t get it out of your mind and not on our web site, please let us know, we’ll try to procure the recipe for you.

Thai Culture and Travel

After we eat all this great food, we just want to go to the heart of the action, Thailand. We visit Thailand frequently and can't help but write about it, especially foodie related topics, like cooking schools and great restaurants.

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