Site History

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ThaiTable got started back in 1999 with a bunch of new ideas about Thai food on the net that are still valid today:

  • The food should be authentic, but presented so that a western cook can understand it and make it, with only minor, if any, substitutions.
  • All recipes need step-by-step pictures (we were the first on the net to do step-by-step pictures)
  • All those weird Thai ingredients should be clearly explained with pictures and interlinked with the recipes (we were the first to have all recipe's ingredients linked to a page for the ingredient and the ingredient page linked back)
  • All recipes must work. They should be researched from multiple primary (read Thai) sources, well tested multiple times and repeatable (not necessarily the first, but still a definite rarity on the net)
  • More, bigger pictures

Through the Way-Back Machine you can see our original site in 2000 and in 2007.

The site has been a great success and we have been one of the most popular Thai food and travel sites ever since, as measured by traffic and social network shares and likes.

In June 2011, after a lull in writing due to family commitments, work and sclerotic technology from the 1990's, we relaunched with an all new technology platform that brings us into the modern age.

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