Our Team

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Natty Netsuwan

Natty is The Cook. Natty also writes, photographs, and occasionally performs the hand modeling.

Natty was born and raised in Thailand into a family that travels throughout the country, always hunting for great Thai food. Natty's grandma has minor food fame for carving bamboo shoots into animals, leaves and figures - now an industry that you can see when you buy fancy bamboo shoots in bottles and cans. Natty's mom brews homemade fish sauce as dark as chocolate that smells and tastes exquisite.

Natty's own food experiments started at age 6 with variations on fried scrambled eggs. Her frustration with the lack of Thai food when she came to the US in the 1980's forced her to try to find a way to make authentic Thai food outside of Thailand, which she's been doing ever since.

Natty, when not in the kitchen, manages technology products. Natty has an MBA and loves San Francisco, where she mountain bikes in the hills and chases down new taquerias.

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Peter Kuykendall

Peter brings tech products from concept to market. He built this site. Peter tests the food and edits.

Peter has an MBA from MIT focused on building tech strategy, products and companies and loves running and eating, but not dining and dashing, eating on the run or running to a meal.

Kate Sasitorn

Before she was famous and powerful, Kate designed the original layout and created most of the artwork.

Pinthipya Nomsawai

Pinthipya took many of the ingredient and article pictures in Thailand and provided in-country support.

Our Friends

Thanks to our friends living in the US and those friends we’ve made through the net who provided the inspiration through incessant requests for Thai food and recipes and great support and feedback.


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