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This is so exciting!

For the first time in 13 years we’ve made a complete rebuild of the website -- all the original content and more, but with a completely new back end serving it. We hope you love it.

The site looks better, loads faster and has and will have far more posts, articles, recipes and pictures. We can now add new content, participate in the blogging and cooking community, participate in social networks, reach international audiences and expand for the future.

  • Recipes: We have added a few more recipes.  Many recipes have been revised to reflect the current, wider availability of actual Thai ingredients in western markets.  Many more recipes are in the pipeline.  The recipes page now has better filters and searching.
  • Ingredients: We now have ingredient pictures large and small for all ingredients. Back 13 years ago, we all had dial-up and had to count every bit and byte, we couldn’t show many pictures. Now that’s all changed so we can show you everything. We’ll keep on adding more ingredients in the future. The ingredients page now helps you figure out what to eat by showing you what you can make with what you have or are buying.
  • Restaurants and Market Listing:  We have updated restaurants and markets.  If your favorite restaurants or markets are not listed, please let us know.
  • Travel to Thailand: We will soon be building out the Travel section with a travel home page, more content and great stories.   Tell us what you’d like to know about travelling to Thailand.
  • The Tech: Finally, we're up to date with RSS, social networks, caching, global content distribution networks and globally distributed servers. We now have a strong underlying platform so that we can help even more people around the world using different types of devices enjoy Thai food.

With this rebuild, we hope to better be able to help you to love Thai food and travel for the next 13 years. We want to hear what you think, so please let us know.

If you find anything that needs fixing or doesn't work, please tell us so we can fix it right away.

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