Making Fish Sauce Part 2

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It has been about a week now that those beautiful sardines have been packed in salt. Looking at the brownish juice that came out of the fish, I can see the precursor to the fish sauce. I have to open the lid to add the next ingredient but don't want to -- will I get worst smell of rotten fish? Surprise, surprise, it smells good, similar to anchovies in a can.

The basics of fish sauce ingredients are fish and salt. Many people add more ingredients to create their own signature on fish sauce. I have heard some people put cattle bones in. Commercial manufacturers normally add sugar. My mother likes pineapple in hers. She said, 'The pineapple will give the fish sauce beautiful reddish brown color. It also gives the wonderful fragrance.' Pineapple contains an enzyme that breaks down proteins. Sounds good to me. So, 'rind and all', per my mother, goes into the jars. I slosh the jars around to get the juice to cover the pineapple. The mixture of pineapple scent and fish smells great.

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