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While Thai food is exotic, it does not have to be tough to learn. Even though Thai flavors come together in a system that is very different from American or western flavor systems, that system can be easily learned.

We are here to help you learn how to cook Thai food. We also want you to understand and know Thai food and Thai ingredients beyond the famous Pad Thai and curry dishes. There is a rich array of dishes and flavors that will amaze you.

We want to teach you what we have learned and not just show how to make a few dishes, but how to make them taste great and how to understand why they do (or don't) succeed. Beyond just cooking, we want you to understand the significance of the dishes and how they are served and enjoyed.

Authenticity - The recipes that you see here are true, or extremely close to true Thai recipes. Fortunately Thai ingredients are now widely available and easy to find if you know where to look. However, when the ingredients are not available here in the US, we suggest substitutions - but only so far that it does not compromise the dish. While what you see in a Thai restaurant outside of Thailand may not be what you eat in Thailand (e.g., carrots are rarely in Thai dishes in Thailand), we keep any modifications true to the original.

Most recipes can be prepared without a fancy kitchen or kitchen gadgets. We take advantage of modern tools, but also explain how things are done traditionally.

About Thailand - For a deeper understanding of the food, we also present you stories about Thailand.

From exploring Thai food at restaurants to finding Thai ingredients and preparing them properly and picking a menu - we will try to answer all your questions about Thai food. We invite you to learn tons, love the food and let us know how you make out.

Gin Kow!!

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