Bitter Gourd

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Mara Kee Nok   มะระขี้นก

Bitter gourds or bitter melons or karela are known as mara kee nok in Thai. The skin is dark green and bumpy which reminds me of Jurassic World.

The flavor is definitely an acquired taste; it's bitter and bitter. People claim the medicinal benefits are numerous from lowering cholesterol to lowering blood sugar. For me, it increases my appetite, especially when I think about how it tastes so good with Lohn Pboo Kem and Mackerel Chili Sauce.

In Thailand, there are 2 basic types of bitter melon/gourd, the larger and lighter green bitter melon and the darker green and smaller bitter gourd shown here. The larger bitter melons are used mostly in Chinese influenced dishes while the smaller bitter melons are an accompanying vegetable for chili dips and chili sauces. The 2 types are equally bitter but the larger bitter melons are served cooked as opposed to fresh.

To prepare the bitter gourds, cut both ends to remove stem and tip. Slice the gourds lengthwise and remove the seeds and white pulp. Mature gourds have bright red seeds. Cut the bitter gourds into bite-size chunks and serve fresh along with other vegetables for chili sauce and chili dips.

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