Black Beans

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black beans

Tua Dum   ถั่วดำ

Black Beans are a common legume in Thailand. We use black beans strictly for desserts and snacks.  Unlike other legumes, such as peanuts, they are never put into savory dishes.

The beans are soaked overnight prior to cooking to reduce the cooking time and give smooth creamy texture. The soaked black beans take 25-30 minutes to cook until tender.

Can you cook black beans without soaking?

Yes, you can cook black beans without soaking but it would take a long time to cook before the beans are tender. Without soaking, it takes about an hour to cook.

Will black beans take less time to cook if I toast them first before boiling?

Yes, if you toast black beans before cooking, you will not need to cook the beans as long as you would without soaking. It takes about 40 minutes to cook the roasted beans until tender.  So, you are shaving off 20 minutes but it takes about 5 minutes to roast the beans.  In the end, you're saving 10-15 minutes, which is not much time for me.

I don't recommend this method if you have time to soak the beans because of 2 reasons. First, the roasted beans have a distinct toasty flavor and aroma.  Second, the beans are still dirty even after a rinse before roasting. I can feel the sand and dirt on the bottom of the pot. By soaking the beans, the dirt dissolves and falls to the bottom of the container. With the roasting time and cooking time combined, it would take about an hour, which is the time take to cook non-soaked beans.

Black beans are available at most markets in bulk and bags.

Recipes made with Black Beans

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