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Coriander is the seeds of cilantro plant.  The leaves are called cilantro.  It is an important spice in Thai cooking.  The leaves are used in salad and soup.  The roots are use in marinades and curry pastes.  The seeds or coriander is an ingredient in curry pastes.  

Recipes made with coriander

  • vegetarian red curry paste

    Vegetarian Red Curry Paste

    Prig Gang Mungsavirat

    Vegetarian red curry paste

  • oxtail soup

    Oxtail Soup

    Soop Hang Woa

    Clear spicy and sour oxtail soup. 

  • green curry paste

    Green Curry Paste

    Prig Gang Kiew Wan

    Spicy green curry paste made with fresh Thai green chili peppers.

  • heavenly beef

    Heavenly Beef

    Nua Sawan

    Beef jerky spiced with peppercorns, cumin and coriander.

  • red curry paste

    Red Curry Paste

    Prig Gang Ped

    Aromatic curry paste made with Thai fresh and dry spices

  • massaman curry paste

    Massaman Curry Paste

    Prig Gang Mussamun

    Homemade fragrant Massaman Curry Paste filled with roasted spices

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