Firm Tofu

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firm tofu

Tau Hu   เต้าหู้

Firm tofu has less water content than soft or silky tofu. It looks similar to feta cheese and has feta cheese’s firmness but is not crumbly.  During the tofu making process, the holes inside the tofu are formed when the tofu curds are pressed together to get rid of water. 

The tofu is usually sold in a sealed plastic tub with water.  After the package is open, change water daily and keep tofu submerged in the water to keep it fresh.  Keep the tofu refridgerated and use it within a few days.

At some Asian stores, you might want to look for tofu in a large tub with several pieces of tofu lying submerged on the bottom of the tub.  When you get the tofu home, keep it submerged under water and refridgerated.

Firm Tofu is available at Asian Markets and supermarkets like Safeway and Trader Joe's.

Recipes made with Firm Tofu

  • fried tofu

    Fried Tofu

    Tau Hu Tod

    Fried tofu served with spicy peanut dipping sauce

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