Fresh Egg Noodles

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Bamee or Mee Leong   บะหมี่, หมี่เหลือง

When I was growing up, every kid had a favorite type of noodles that they always ordered. I was never the egg noodles girl. But a friend of mine was. She ate the egg noodles with such gusto. Day after day of watching her, I finally broke down. I had to order the noodles too. I had to see if it was as good as she enjoyed it. I had that craze for the next 10 years. So, I made Ba Mee Moo Dang quite a bit.

Egg noodles is basically eggs and wheat flour, just like fresh pasta. These egg noodles are not your normal American wide egg noodles. They are freshly made and kept well in freezer for a long time.

The egg noodles are the size of angel hair pasta. In the old days, (I'm sure it is still made this way in some places in China) it was made by pulling the dough until getting the desire thickness instead of by extrusion or cutting. Making the noodles by pulling the dough is a real skill. This type of noodles is called ‘bah mee’ or ‘mee leong’ in Thai. Look for egg noodles in a refrigerated section of your Asian grocery stores. They come in a plastic bag with a few bundles in a bag. A bundle is good for one person.


Recipes made with fresh egg noodles

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