Fried Shallot

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fried shallot


Fried shallot is usually sprinkled on top of dishes. I buy it already made from Thailand in a plastic container. If you are making it yourself, slice the shallot real thin. Fry in oil until crispy. You can use the microwave trick that I recommended for the fried garlic. Remove from oil. Fried shallot keeps for months in an airtight container.

Recipes made with fried shallot

  • curried noodles

    Curried Noodles

    Goew Tiew Gang

    Rice noodles in beef curry sauce

  • tropical yum

    Tropical Yum

    Yum Tawai

    A variety of tropical vegetables with sesame curry sauce.

  • oxtail soup

    Oxtail Soup

    Soop Hang Woa

    Clear spicy and sour oxtail soup. 

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