Ground Dried Chili Pepper

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ground dried chili pepper

Prig Bpon   พริกป่น

Carrying ground chili pepper while travelling aboard may seem strange, but many Thai travellers pack some with them to make the meals away from home enjoyable. Good tour guides will bring not just ground chili pepper, but fish sauce and other condiments.

Ground chili is basic and core to many Thai dishes. At noodle shops in Thailand, a jar of ground chili sits right on the table for you to spoon into your noodles as you please. Some noodle shops are known for their exceptionally hot ground chili. The ground chili comes in different shades, from bright orange to rusty brown. The granules vary, too.

You can buy pre-made ground chili or whole dried chili pepper and make it yourself. To make it yourself, toast the chili pepper in a hot pan until you can smell the spicy aroma. It should take about a minute or so. Then grind it in a food processor. Detailed homemade ground dried chili pepper recipe.


Recipes made with ground dried chili pepper

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