Hulled Mung Beans

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hulled mung beans

Tua Tong   ถั่วทอง, ถั่วเขียวซีกกระเทาะเปลือก

Hulled mung beans are also known as split mung beans.  The outer green skin is removed and the bean is split into two sides.

Mung beans are probably the most important beans in Thai cusisine.  Several desserts and snacks are made with hulled mung beans.

No need to refrigerate the beans but keep them in a dry cool place.  They can last several months. The beans are available at Asian markets and Indian/Pakistani markets.

Recipes made with hulled mung beans

  • miniature fruit

    Miniature Fruit

    Loog Choob

    Miniature fruits made from mung bean paste cooked in coconut milk.

  • crunchy mung beans

    Crunchy Mung Beans

    Tua Seeg Tod

    Fried crunchy mung beans spiced with green onion and chili pepper.

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