Palm Sugar

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palm sugar

Nam Taan Pbuk   น้ำตาลปึก, น้ำตาลปี๊บ

Palm sugar is made the same way that maple syrup is made by collecting and boiling the sap into sugar. At night, a bamboo container is placed below a cut palm flower. Throughout the morning, the sap will flow into the container. It is then collected before noon. By the afternoon, if it is not collected, it will turn into alcohol. The sap is boiled down to sugar. It has the maple sugar’s texture and color.

Palm sugar is known as 'nam taan puek' or 'nam taan peep'.  The word 'nam taan' or sugar in Thai literally means palm juice. The word 'peep' is the pail that palm sugar comes in.

Recipes made with Palm Sugar

  • green papaya salad

    Green Papaya Salad

    Som Tum

    Shreded green papaya, cherry tomatoes, green beans with lime dressing

  • pumpkin in coconut milk

    Pumpkin in Coconut Milk

    Fug Tong Gang Buad

    Pumpkin cooked in sweet coconut milk

  • blanched neem with grilled shrimp

    Blanched Neem with Grilled Shrimp

    Goong Pow Sadow Lou-ug

    Hyper-bitter neem leaves and blossoms and hot sweet tamarind sauce on grilled shrimp .

  • sweet and sour tamarind sauce

    Sweet and Sour Tamarind Sauce

    Nam Pla Waan

    Sweet and sour sauce, made from palm sugar and tamarind.

  • tropical yum

    Tropical Yum

    Yum Tawai

    A variety of tropical vegetables with sesame curry sauce.

  • pumpkin sticky rice balls in coconut milk

    Pumpkin Sticky Rice Balls in Coconut Milk

    Bua Loy Fug Tong

    Fresh pumpkin sticky rice balls in sweet coconut milk sauce.

  • beef massaman curry

    Beef Massaman Curry

    Gang Masamun Nuea

    Rich and well seasoned beef curry with potatoes and onions

  • chili paste

    Chili Paste

    Nam Prig Pud/Nam Prig Pow

    Thai chili paste made with Thai spices and stir fried. Dark thick body with red oil. Great with tom yum goong or vegetables and rice.

  • som tum

    Som Tum

    Som Tum Thai Pboo

    Spicy green papaya salad with dried shimp and salted crab

  • black beans in coconut milk

    Black Beans in Coconut Milk

    Tua Dum Gang Buawd

    Sweet black beans in sweetened coconut milk

  • son-in-law eggs

    Son-in-law Eggs

    Kai Loog Keuy

    Fried boiled eggs served with sweet and sour tamarind sauce

  • shrimp paste rice

    Shrimp Paste Rice

    Kow Klook Gapi

    Rice mixed with shrimp paste spiced with shreded green mango and shallots served with fried egg, sweetened pork.

  • kanom sai sai

    Kanom Sai Sai

    Kanom Sai Sai

    Sweet and chewy coconut ball in a slightly salty and creamy coconut milk sauce

  • salted crab sauce

    Salted Crab Sauce

    Lohn Pboo Kem

    Creamy coconut sauce with salted crabs served with fresh vegetables.

  • pineapple mussel curry

    Pineapple Mussel Curry

    Gang Kua Subparod

    Sweet and sour mild curry with pineapple and mussels

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