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Bai Bua Bok   ใบบัวบก

Pennywort (aka gotu kola) is known in Thailand as Bai Bua Bok, or ‘land lotus’. The leaves are 2 inches in diameter and look like miniature lotus leaves. It grows well in a wet or damp area

Pennywort is well known for its healing properties. Other traditional medicine practitioners like Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine doctors use pennywort to treat various ailments.

As a foodie, when I think of pennywort, a nice cold green juice comes to mind first. But we also eat the leaves raw in dishes like Lohn Pboo Kem and Kanom Jeen Nam Ya.

Recipes made with pennywort

  • pennywort juice

    Pennywort Juice

    Nam Bai Bua Bok

    Refreshing pennywort drink served cold with ice.

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