Pickled Mustard

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pickled mustard

Pak Gard Dong   ผักกาดดอง

This slightly crunchy and sour pickled mustard is made by pickling mustard leaves in a simple salty brine. The brine can be made in 3 ways:

1. salty, sugar and water

2. rice rinse water and salt

3. coconut juice and salt

Good pickled mustard should be naturally yellowish in color. It should have some crunch to it. Most important, pickled mustard should have good sour smell.

Pickled mustard frequently comes with brine in a plastic bag. Rinse the pickled mustard before using to get rid of some of the salty taste, then squeeze the water out.

Pickled mustard can be kept in its brine in the fridge for a few weeks. However, I keep my homemade pickled mustard at room temperature for at least 6 months.

You can easily make your own pickled mustard, too.

Recipes made with pickled mustard

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