Pork Belly

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pork belly

Moo Sahm Shun   หมูสามชั้น

Pork Belly is the cut of pork from the pig's belly, from front legs to hind legs. This cut is boneless with alternate layers of fat and meat.  Pork belly comes with skin at Asian markets.

When I was growing up, pork belly had thick layers of fat without much meat.  Ever wonder why pork now has less fat? There are probably a few reasons for the leaner pork. The market demands lean pork. The growers cater to the demand and find a leaner breed. Pigs are now raised in a climate control indoors. Less insulation layers are needed to protect itself from the cold weather. And the USDA confirmed that pork are now leaner than decades ago by 16%.

Pork belly is available at traditional butcher shops and Asian markets.

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