Wild Asparagus Berries

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Sam Sib   สามสิบ

Wild asparagus berries are often foraged and sold at markets in Thailand in small quantities. Many Thai people have never heard of these hard to find berries, let alone tasted them.

The berries taste lightly bitter with an asparagus crunch texture. The green berries are edible but the ripe red berries with black hard seeds inside can send you to your dentist. The berries are about the size of a small pea. In fact, I saw these berries through a plastic bag in my mother's refrigerator and thought that they were peas. I forgot that most people in Thailand don't have green peas in their fridges.

A common dish made with the berries is curry with fish or smoked fish. The bitter berries give the curry taste and texture. The smoked fish enhances the curry sauce.

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