Shredded Coconut

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maprow kood sen   มะพร้าวขูดเส้น

Before you see coconut milk in a can at supermarkets, the coconut has to dodge a few stages where it can be eaten. With the green coconut, we drink the sweet juice and scrape the tender, gel like, white meat and eat it just like that. We also shred the tender meat and add to desserts and drinks.

When the coconut shell outside is brown, the juice is not as sweet as young green coconut and the white flesh is no longer tender, it is not quite ripe yet.  The white flesh is firm but not hard and brittle like ripe coconut which makes it easy to shred. It's ideal for shredded coconut.  The grated white flesh is perfect as a sprinkle on top of desserts and snacks.

At the end of the coconut life span, it's perfect for coconut milk.  The finely grated white meat is packed with milk, ready for the squeeze.  

You can shred the coconut yourself with a coconut shredder or get the frozen shredded coconut from Thailand.  It keeps in the freezer for a long time. I buy a pack that I break off a piece here and there and thaw in a microwave.  Any leftover is great for making Indian chutneys as well.

Recipes made with Shredded Coconut

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