Southern Red Curry Paste

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southern red curry paste

Prig Gang KuaTai   พริกแกงคั่วใต้

Southern Red Curry Paste has similar ingredients to basic red curry paste of the central plain. The Southern version is hotter because of the amount and the type of chili peppers.  In central plain, the basic red curry paste uses larger and milder chili peppers.  The Southern Red Curry Paste has fresh turmeric which adds bright yellow to the curry.

I'm a great fan of southern Thai food and love making southern food. This curry paste lets me cook other delicious southern Thai dishes like kua gling.

The Southern Curry Paste, as far as I know, is not available in the US. However, it can be made at home.

Recipes made with Southern Red Curry Paste

  • crab curry with tindora

    Crab Curry with Tindora

    Gang Kua Pboo Loog Tum Lueng

    Southern red curry with tindora or ivy gourds spiced with fresh turmeric

  • kua gling moo

    Kua Gling Moo

    Fiery hot dry pork curry spiced with southern flavors

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