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Saranare   สะระแหน่

This is the mint many gardeners have growing out of control in their gardens. It is easy to grow.  But grow the mint in a container to prevent unwanted spread.  It loves water.  

Mint in Thai cooking is used mainly with fish and other meat dishes to counteract the strong tastes.

Mint is sa-ra-nare in Thai.  If you don't say the name correctly, it sounds to Thai people like you're saying that you're "barging into someone else's business!"

Recipes made with spearmint

  • laab



    Spicy ground pork or chicken salad cooked in lime juice, chili pepper and fish sauce

  • steak salad

    Steak Salad

    Yum Nua

    Spicy beef salad in lime juice, hot pepper and fish sauce

  • nam tok

    Nam Tok

    Spicy grilled beef salad with toasted rice.

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