Cooking Oil

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cooking oil

Nam Mun Peud   น้ำมันพืช

Any cooking oil can be used with Thai cooking.  I generally use canola oil or safflower oil or frying and olive oil stir fries.  Even though olive oil is not part of the the Thai cuisine, I don't find that it change the taste in Thai food.

In the old days people used coconut oil and lard in cooking Thai food.  Now, either one of them is more expensive than bottled cooking oil available at supermarkets.

Recipes made with cooking oil

  • basil eggplant

    Basil Eggplant

    Pud Makua Yow

    Stir fried eggplant with basil and chili pepper.

  • chicken basil

    Chicken Basil

    Gai Pad Gaprow

    Ground chicken stir fried with holy basil

  • chicken on rice with hot yellow bean sauce

    Chicken on Rice with Hot Yellow Bean Sauce

    Kow Mun Gai

    Chicken on rice cooked in chicken broth served with spicy soy bean sauce

  • chinese chive dumplings

    Chinese Chive Dumplings

    Gui Chai

    Chinese chive dumplings with hot chili soy sauce.

  • chinese olive fried rice

    Chinese Olive Fried Rice

    Kow Pad Nam Leab

    Exotic Chinese olive fried rice

  • spicy clams with basil

    Spicy Clams with Basil

    Hoy Pad Prig

    Manila clams in spicy basil sauce.

  • crispy catfish green mango salad

    Crispy Catfish Green Mango Salad

    Yum Pla Dook Foo

    Sour unripe mango, biting lime, salty fish sauce and crisped catfish.

  • crispy pomfret

    Crispy Pomfret

    Pla Jalamed Tod

    Crispy fried whole fish. Served with shallot, pepper, fish sauce

  • cucumber salad

    Cucumber Salad

    Yum Tang Gua

    Sliced cucumber, tomato, onion dressed in Thai sauce

  • fried wontons

    Fried Wontons

    Geow Grob

    Spiced ground pork in crispy wonton wrap, served with sweet and sour sauce.

  • green beans and shrimp

    Green Beans and Shrimp

    Pad Prig King

    Dried curry green beans with shrimp

  • mussel pancakes

    Mussel Pancakes

    Hoy Tod

    Crispy mussel pancakes with bean sprouts

  • noodles in gravy

    Noodles in Gravy

    Rad Nah

    Soft rice noodles and Chinese broccoli with pork and gravy

  • pan fried mackerel

    Pan Fried Mackerel

    Pla Too Tod

    Pan fried small Thai mackerel

  • sausage and sriracha

    Sausage and Sriracha

    Moo Yaw Tod

    White pork sausage with mild-hot sauce

  • stinky beans and shrimp

    Stinky Beans and Shrimp

    Pud Ped Sataw

    Stinky beans stir fried in red curry paste with shrimp

  • stir fried pumpkin

    Stir Fried Pumpkin

    Pud Fug Tong

    Squash stir fried with garlic and pepper.

  • blanched neem with grilled shrimp

    Blanched Neem with Grilled Shrimp

    Goong Pow Sadow Lou-ug

    Hyper-bitter neem leaves and blossoms and hot sweet tamarind sauce on grilled shrimp .

  • sweet and sour tamarind sauce

    Sweet and Sour Tamarind Sauce

    Nam Pla Waan

    Sweet and sour sauce, made from palm sugar and tamarind.

  • tod mun

    Tod Mun

    Fried fish cake, spiced with Thai curry and kaffir lime leaves.

  • yum sausage

    Yum Sausage

    Yum Moo Yaw

    Pork sausage salad served hot or cold

  • stir fried loofah

    Stir Fried Loofah

    Buab Pud Kai

    Loofah stir fried with egg, a meaty vegetarian dish.

  • vegetarian stir fried squash blossoms

    Vegetarian Stir Fried Squash Blossoms

    Pad Dok Fug Tong

    Easy stir fried squash blossoms with garlic.

  • fried garlic

    Fried Garlic

    Gratiem jiew

    Golden brown garlic in oil.

  • tom yum noodles

    Tom Yum Noodles

    Guay Tiew Moo Tom Yum

    Spicy and sour noodle soup served with crushed peanuts, powdered chili and lime juice

  • tapioca dumplings

    Tapioca Dumplings

    Saku Sai Moo

    Steamed dumplings with pork and peanut filling wrapped in tapioca pearls

  • fried shallots

    Fried Shallots

    Hom Jiew

    Crunchy, golden brown fried shallots.

  • stir fried bitter melon

    Stir Fried Bitter Melon

    Mara Pud

    Easy stir fry bitter melon.

  • pad thai street food

    Pad Thai Street Food

    Pad Thai

    Pad Thai street food recipe

  • vegetarian stir fried pumpkin shoots

    Vegetarian Stir Fried Pumpkin Shoots

    Pud Yod Fug Tong

    Crunchy pumpkin shoots stir fried with garlic and salt.

  • mee grob

    Mee Grob

    Crunchy sweet and sour rice noodles.

  • rad na

    Rad Na

    Rad Na Moo

    Soft thick rice noodles in a warm gravy with pork and Chinese Broccoli.

  • royal mee grob

    Royal Mee Grob

    Mee Grob Chow Wung

    Sweet and sour crispy fried rice vermicelli served with beansprouts and Chinese chives.

  • crab fried rice

    Crab Fried Rice

    Kow Pud Pboo

    Crab fried rice served with a wedge of lime, sliced cucumber and chili fish sauce.

  • turmeric fried fish

    Turmeric Fried Fish

    Pla Tod Kamin

    Spicy but not hot fried fish with crispy seasoning

  • fried chicken wings

    Fried Chicken Wings

    Peek Gai Tod Gluea

    Fried chicken wings with crispy skin, seasoned lightly with Thai herbs

  • chili paste

    Chili Paste

    Nam Prig Pud/Nam Prig Pow

    Thai chili paste made with Thai spices and stir fried. Dark thick body with red oil. Great with tom yum goong or vegetables and rice.

  • tapioca dumplings

    Tapioca Dumplings

    Saku Sai Moo

    Steamed dumplings with pork and peanut filling wrapped in tapioca pearls

  • roti


    Fried thin dough with drizzled sweetened condensed milk and sprinkled sugar.

  • roti dough

    Roti Dough

    Pbang Roti

    Soft, sticky dough for making roti

  • crispy roti

    Crispy Roti


    Crunchy fried dough topped with sweetened condensed milk and sugar.

  • crispy roti

    Crispy Roti


    Crunchy fried dough topped with sweetened condensed milk and sugar.

  • roti


    Fried thin dough with drizzled sweetened condensed milk and sprinkled sugar.

  • gai kua kem

    Gai Kua Kem

    Crunchy, salty chicken or turkey

  • vegetarian chili paste

    Vegetarian Chili Paste

    Nam Prig Pud Mungsa Virat

    A well-balanced, slightly hot paste for the table that spices many dishes well.

  • fried tofu

    Fried Tofu

    Tau Hu Tod

    Fried tofu served with spicy peanut dipping sauce

  • son-in-law eggs

    Son-in-law Eggs

    Kai Loog Keuy

    Fried boiled eggs served with sweet and sour tamarind sauce

  • shrimp paste rice

    Shrimp Paste Rice

    Kow Klook Gapi

    Rice mixed with shrimp paste spiced with shreded green mango and shallots served with fried egg, sweetened pork.

  • crunchy mung beans

    Crunchy Mung Beans

    Tua Seeg Tod

    Fried crunchy mung beans spiced with green onion and chili pepper.

  • pork rice porridge

    Pork Rice Porridge

    Joke Moo Sub

    Rice porridge with ground pork balls, chopped cilantro, green onion and ginger.

  • pork basil

    Pork Basil

    Pad Gaproa Moosub Kaidow

    Spicy ground pork stir-fried with fragrant holy basil. Served over jasmine rice, a fried egg and garlic chili fish sauce.

  • pork rinds

    Pork Rinds

    Cab Moo

    Crispy pork rinds, a great side dish to noodles, papaya salad and chili sauces

  • nam prig noom

    Nam Prig Noom

    ์์์Nam Prig Noom

    Popular northern meal; green chili sauce, pork rinds and sticky rice

  • drunken noodles

    Drunken Noodles

    Sen Yai Pad Kee Mao

    Spicy hot rice noodles stir-fried with pork and holy basil

  • pad kee mao

    Pad Kee Mao

    Pork stir-fried with spicy sauce, also known as drunken pork

  • braised pork shank on rice

    Braised Pork Shank on Rice

    Kow Kha Moo

    Braised pork shank with gummy and soft rind, served with blanched Chinese broccoli, pickled mustard and chili garlic sauce

  • fried chinese chive cakes

    Fried Chinese Chive Cakes

    Kanom Gui Chai Tod

    Pan fried Chinese chive cakes served with spicy soy sauce

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