Vegetarian Red Curry Paste

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vegetarian red curry paste

Prig Gang Mungsavirat   พริกแกงมังสวิรัติ

In Thailand, you can get vegetarian curry paste during the vegetarian festival. However, apart from that it's non-existent.  If you ever find it in stores and you want it, you should buy it and freeze it.  For vegetarians, the offending ingredient in most curry pastes is shrimp paste.  When you have vegetarian curries at restaurants, check with them if the curry pastes are made with plant based ingredients only.

A good red curry paste should give pleasant herbal aroma with bright reddish in color. The paste should be finely ground that you can't recognize an individual ingredient. The paste should not be wet, but pasty.

I made a batch for for a vegetarian friend of mine and her family. They love Thai food and Thai curries, but they didn't know that red curry paste contains shrimp paste.  In developing the recipe, I tried substituting miso (soy bean paste) for shrimp paste in making vegetarian curry paste. The result was fine, but didn't seem to add anything special so I tried skipping it all together and didn't miss it. Now I'm making vegetarian red curry paste this way. My vegetarian friends love it.  Here's the recipe: Homemade vegetarian red curry paste recipe


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