Bael Fruit Tea Recipe

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bael fruit tea bael fruit tea

It's not Thai tea that reminds me of home, but hot bael fruit tea. The distinct, smokey aroma and a tiny hint of sourness makes this tea my comfort drink.

Toasting bael fruit brings out the flavor packed in the dry fruit. Once, I thought I needed a short cut and eliminated the toasting step, but my tea was dull. You can make this tea in a big pot and have it throughout the day.

2 Servings, Prep Time: 5 Minutes, Total Time: 5 Minutes

Tips and Techniques

The amounts of bael fruit slices and water are just approximations to start with. Adjust either ingredient as you like.

bael fruit tea step 1 1 1 bael fruit tea step 1
bael fruit tea step 2 2 2 bael fruit tea step 2
bael fruit tea step 1 1
bael fruit tea step 2 2

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