Chili Garlic Fish Sauce Recipe

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chili garlic fish sauce chili garlic fish sauce


Chili fish sauce is one of the most asked about from travellers who just got back from Thailand.  There are several variations of chili fish sauce, differ by ingredients.  My father liked to add shallots and thinly sliced lime to his sauce.  Most restaurants serve their with garlic.  This recipe is what’s served in Thai restaurants.

In some restaurants in Thailand, as soon as you sit down, you’d be greeted with the chili garlic fish sauce even before ordering your food.  The sauce is so versatile.  It serves as a universal condiment.


2 Servings, Prep Time: 5 Minutes, Total Time: 5 Minutes
chili garlic fish sauce step 1 1 1 chili garlic fish sauce step 1
chili garlic fish sauce step 1 1

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