Pumpkin Curry Recipe

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pumpkin curry pumpkin curry

Pumpkin Curry was not one of my favourite curries growing up.  As I have learned to appreciate vegetables and other ingredients and taste them for their pure flavors, Pumpkin Curry now ranks high in my kitchen. The sweetness of the pumpkin contrasts with slightly salty curry.  Each bite is full of creamy, nutty pumpkin with spicy sauce.  Every Fall, I look forward to pumpkin curry.

The difference between pumpkin and squash seems to be which side of the pond you reside. Even though, I’m on the side that should go for 'squash', pumpkin gives the fairytale association. This fairy godmother will not turn the pumpkin into a coach for you to attend a party but she can turn pumpkin into pumpkin curry for your potluck.

Any type of pumpkin or squash is great with this recipe. In the picture on the right, I use fairytale pumpkin, also known as muscat squash. However, in the step-by-step pictures below, kabocha squash was the choice for the day. The fairytale pumpkin cooks much faster and has bright orange color, like carrots. The kabocha is denser with bright yellow flesh. My preference is the kabocha because its flavor is closer to the Thai pumpkin.

4 Servings, Prep Time: 10 Minutes, Total Time: 20 Minutes

Tips and Techniques

  • Any yellow flesh pumpkin or winter squash will taste great in the curry. The amounts of pumpkin and pork are approximations. Pumpkin curry is a very flexible and forgiving dish. You can vary ratios widely without tipping the balance.
  • In Thailand, we use sliced medium hot fresh chili pepper that is not available in the US. Jalapeno pepper would be a good substitute. Pick a red one for dramatic color. If you can't find any jalapeno, even thinly sliced bellpepper will bring out the aesthetic.
  • If you are making a big batch for a next few days, cut some pumpkin big and small, eat the small ones first. By the time you heat up a few days later, the big ones will dissolve into smaller pieces and thicken the curry.
  • The pumpkin makes this curry thick and creamy, if you'd like to reduce coconut milk, the curry will still be creamy.
pumpkin curry step 1 1 1 pumpkin curry step 1
pumpkin curry step 2 2 2 pumpkin curry step 2
pumpkin curry step 3 3 3 pumpkin curry step 3
pumpkin curry step 4 4 4 pumpkin curry step 4
pumpkin curry step 5 5 5 pumpkin curry step 5
pumpkin curry step 6 6 6 pumpkin curry step 6
pumpkin curry step 1 1
pumpkin curry step 2 2
pumpkin curry step 3 3
pumpkin curry step 4 4
pumpkin curry step 5 5
pumpkin curry step 6 6

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