Red Rice - Kow Mun Pboo ข้าวมันปู

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red rice red rice

Red Rice has become an addiction for me. It started when we all wanted to get healthy and tried the different types of rice. I loved the color of the rice and first selected it purely based on aesthetics. 

It was not easy to get everyone in the household to shift from jasmine rice to something different. Also, cooked red rice is not as tender as milled jasmine rice that I was used to. So, I started out with just a handful of red rice mixed with jasmine rice. The red rice stood out amongst the white grains, looking just beautiful. Slowly I increase the red rice to jasmine rice ratio but just enough to still keep the rice tender. Now, I'm comfortable with 50-75% red rice to jasmine rice. I'm now so used to eating red rice now that when I eat elsewhere, it seems like something is missing.

The Red Rice has a nutty flavor and chewy while jasmine rice us soft and gummy. To get the benefits of both types of rice, this recipe has 50% red rice and 50% jasmine rice.  The result is soft and colorful rice with the bran benefit.


4-6 Servings, Prep Time: 5 Minutes, Total Time: 35 Minutes

Tips and Techniques

  • No need to rinse or pre-soak the rice. 
  • The rice reheats well in microwave.
  • To keep the grains intact, I recommend 'no stirring'.  With low heat and liquid, the rice will not burn, so there is no need to stir.
red rice step 1 1 1 red rice step 1
red rice step 2 2 2 red rice step 2
red rice step 3 3 3 red rice step 3
red rice step 4 4 4 red rice step 4
red rice step 5 5 5 red rice step 5
red rice step 6 6 6 red rice step 6
red rice step 1 1
red rice step 2 2
red rice step 3 3
red rice step 4 4
red rice step 5 5
red rice step 6 6

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