Rice - Kow Su-ay ข้าว

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rice rice

Rice is so important to many Asian countries. In Thai, to have meal we say 'gin kow' which literally means 'eat rice'. In Thailand, rice is not a side dish, it is the central dish and all other things that you eat, support it. In a Thai meal, you generally eat more rice than anything else and it serves as the foundation for the food pyramid.

This recipe is for the fluffy white rice that you see with 90% of Thai dishes. This is not sticky rice. Check out our sticky rice recipe, too.

The easiest way to cook rice is with a rice cooker. While the rice cooker's manufacturer will give you specific instructions, they always abstract to: Add rice. Add water. Push button. Wait fifteen to twenty minutes. Open lid. Eat.

This method of cooking it on the stove is nearly as easy, but may take a couple tries to learn how to make it perfectly.

2 Servings, Prep Time: 20 Minutes, Total Time: 20 Minutes

Tips and Techniques

The biggest trick is remembering to turn the temperature down.

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rice step 2 2 2 rice step 2
rice step 3 3 3 rice step 3
rice step 4 4 4 rice step 4
rice step 1 1
rice step 2 2
rice step 3 3
rice step 4 4

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