Eating Like a Local

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Often as I would walk through my neighborhood, I'd catch a whiff of delicious aroma coming from my neighbors kitchens. When it gets dark, as I'd glimpse people eating inside, I'd wonder what they’re eating, what are they talking about, who are these people and what kind of lives do they have.

When coworkers or friends bring delicious food from home that’s been cooked by their mothers or spouses, I want to invite myself to their houses to enjoy more food. When I go to the restaurants, I wonder what the kitchen staff is really eating.

In Thai restaurants outside of Thailand that cater to both Thais and locals, if you know Thai, you ask for a hidden Thai menu. That’s when you get the gems reserved for those who truly appreciate the food.

The possibility to just appearing at somebody’s doorstep and eating the delicious meal with them isn’t so far fetch. I ran into a website called and they’re doing just that, letting you have a glimse of other peoples’ lives.

You get a chance to be in their house, kitchen and life. Say, if you’re in Thailand, you want to experience what’s like being a Thai going home at the end of the day for dinner, you’d checked out different hosts available. You pick out the meal that sounds great and go for it. The prices are as low as 6 euros and as high as 60 euros.

Gino, an experience manager at, talked about when he the service in Thailand. Gino visited Thailand in his youth with his parents and has traveled extensively throughout Asia as a backpacker. So, he is very familiar with Thai food from the each end of the spectrum, fine dining to street food. He picked Meaw as his Thai host.

Meaw arranged to have Gino picked up from his hotel because her house was a bit far from where Gino was staying.

The Food:

The Thais hold home cooked meals in the highest regard. Even professional cooks would tell you, ‘this is homemade’ meaning not made for business thus, they use the best ingredients and nothing is held back.

At Meaw’s house, Gino was treated with local and foreign favorites. The dishes included som tum, shrimp curry, green curry, pork rinds, spring rolls, panang, and a plate of fresh vegetables. The meal ended with a plate of dragon fruit and papaya.

The Host and Company

Meaw, a full time executive administrative assistant, and her husband had a crew of 2 women helping them with the food preps, the meal and the clean up. When they sat down to have the dinner together, they were having a great time talking about everything and anything.

Gino said, ‘Quite frankly the best Thai food I've ever had!’

On my next trip to Thailand, I’m eying two possibilities: a southern dinner or dinner in Phuket.

How about you? What would you choose? Tell us.



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