Looking for Great Dim Sum in Bangkok

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The Best Dim Sum Can Be Found in Bangkok?  And at a Convention Center?

Looking for a new and better dim sum place is one of my favorite pastimes. From Boston to New York City to San Francisco, I have found some decent dim sum places but none was in a such unexpected place as The Hong Kong Fisherman at IMPACT Convention Center, Nontaburi Province, just outside of Bangkok. Most dim sum restaurants are in large cities within an easy reach of a Chinese community. Hong Kong Fisherman is inside a convention center which is on the outskirts of Bangkok. How good can a place be with two strikes against it?

When you walk inside the restaurant you see tables and benches in the shapes of small boats floating on cobalt blue tile (water). Later I was told that the decor represents the Hong Kong harbor. In the center, there was a large post that represented the mast. We were seated on land for our dim sum because the boats were too small for our party.

The meal started with a few standard dim sum dishes like shu mai, dumplings, fresh noodles stuffed with barbecue pork, and deep fried stuffed taro.  Each of these classics were well prepared, tasting deliciously as they should with a lightness of flavor that enables you to eat a lot of dishes.

Next came the signature dish, the green tea roast duck, served with sauce and steamed buns.  The duck was blown, air dried and cooked in an tandoori-like oven where the fat could drip down. This extra large drum oven was also used to cook roast duck and pork. With each bite of the duck, there was a tight balance of extra crisp, tender skin, a tiny amount of fat and extremely tender meat.  The balance of the textures was brilliantly crispy and soft.  The flavor of the duck, along with the flavor of the sauces, based in green tea, was excellent and interesting.  The buns were soft and clean and an appropriate base for the complex textures and flavors of the duck and the sauces.

Roast pork came with barbecue pork and roast duck, served with 3 sauces.   Barbecued pork is normally a dish that is part of something else, rarely is it done so well that it stands on its own.  To serve such meat, by itself, with just some sauces, takes confidence.  In this case, the flavor, color and texture of the pork (and the duck for that matter), along with the 3 sauces they were served with, was eye-openingly good.

My favorite was the chicken feet. Many people don’t like eating chicken feet because they are feet: strange and potentially unclean.  When it’s not cooked right, it’s tough.  When it’s not seasoned right, it’s just not worth eating altogether.  When I had the Hong Kong Fisherman’s chicken feet, the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Oh, this is how it is supposed to be!’  The chicken feet melted in my mouth with each distinct spice flavor.  This dish was a joy to eat, like eating a full flavored piece of fruit, and you don’t mind getting rid of seeds once in awhile.

The fresh noodles with shrimp was perfect as well, simple and perfectly executed.  The noodles were freshly made, soft and chewy.  The shrimp were fresh, plump and cooked just right.  Sometimes shrimp can be tough because of over heating, reheating or steaming too long, but not here.  The texture of shrimp compliments the soft and chewy of the noodles.  The sauce was neither too sweet nor too salty.

I was thoroughly impressed with every single dish.  The dishes were not only fresh but full of flavors. Kudos for Chef Lam, a Hong Kong born chef who is responsible for the Hong Kong Fisherman’s and IMPACT’s head chef, Chef Jeremy Lim!  

If you’re attending a convention there, stop by and experience one of the best dim sums you’ll find anywhere.  If you are in Bangkok, make the detour to enjoy what Hong Kong Fisherman has to offer.

Hong Kong Fisherman’s Chicken Feet

8 servings

  • chicken feet - 600 grams
  • tapioca flour - 30 grams
  • sugar - 60 grams
  • salt - 30 grams
  • chicken flavor bouillon - 30 grams
  • Thai chili pepper - 10 grams
  • garlic - 30 grams
  • cilantro roots - 20 grams
  • Thai chili paste - 60 grams
  • sesame oil - 60 grams
  • soy bean paste - 10 grams
  • barbecue pork marinade - 80 grams
    (ingredients in barbecue pork marinade:  oyster sauce, cilantro root, garlic, Chinese rice wine, soy sauce and sugar)

Clean the chicken feet.  Cut away the nails.  Mix with the chicken feet with the dark soy sauce.  Fry the feet in hot oil, until the skin puffs up.  Boil the chicken feet for 2 hours until they are tender.  Mix the rest of the ingredients together.   Marinade the chicken feet with the prepared mixture.  Steam the chicken feet again.

Hong Kong Fisherman Suki & Restaurant

Location: 99 Popular Road, Pakkred district, Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand
Phone: 02-833-5434, 02-833-5435
Hours:   11AM - 11:00PM Daily
Getting There:  The best way to get there is taxi cab.  

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