Sticky Rice with Banana

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Kow Tom Hua Ngawk ( ข้าวต้มหัวหงอก, ข้าวต้มจิ้ม )

This sticky rice snack has an interesting literal translation: grey haired boiled rice. The term boiled rice is not unusual because the sticky rice with the whole banana filling is wrapped in a banana leaf and boiled until it's cooked. However, the grey hair part is an unlikely description, it must have come from how the sprinkled shredded coconut resembles grey hair.

The snack is colorful and chewy with a little bit of sweetness from banana and sugar. The black beans give texture and a nutty flavor. The beautiful green comes from the banana leaf wrap and the red is from the banana. Kow Tom Hua Ngawk is a great, filling Thai treat. Grab some when you're in Thailand.

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