Chili Pepper

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There are so many types of chili pepper in Thailand. Different ones are used for different dishes.

The most famous one must be 'prig kee nu'. It's a very short, small green and red pepper. It is about one inch in length. It is the hottest of the pepper family. Prig kee nu is available in oriental grocery stores in the US. If you are visiting Hay Market, an open air market in Boston, it is available there, too. You can keep it frozen for years. I usually buy a large quantity and wash the pepper thoroughly. Let it air dry then put in a freezer bag and freeze until you are ready to use it. Just take what you need each time before using. It is a lot easier to slice when it is frozen.

'Prig chee fah', is not very hot and often used for its color and spice. The name literally means pointing toward sky chili. It is about3-5 inches in length. It comes in green and red.

'Prig yoorg', is pale green. It is not hot at all.

Recipes made with chili pepper

  • basil eggplant

    Basil Eggplant

    Pud Makua Yow

    Stir fried eggplant with basil and chili pepper.

  • spicy clams with basil

    Spicy Clams with Basil

    Hoy Pad Prig

    Manila clams in spicy basil sauce.

  • fried fish with tamarind sauce

    Fried Fish with Tamarind Sauce

    Pla Rad Prig

    Whole fish pan fried and served with spicy tamarind sauce

  • fried king mackerel

    Fried King Mackerel

    Pla Insee Tod

    Pan fried king mackerel steak

  • green papaya salad

    Green Papaya Salad

    Som Tum

    Shreded green papaya, cherry tomatoes, green beans with lime dressing

  • mushroom tom yum

    Mushroom Tom Yum

    Tom Yum Hed

    Spicy and sour oyster mushroom soup with lemon grass broth

  • pickled fish chili sauce

    Pickled Fish Chili Sauce

    Pla Rah Lohn

    Pickled fish cooked in coconut milk, spiced with shallot and chili peppers.

  • tom yum goong

    Tom Yum Goong

    Shrimp in clear spicy soup made from lemon grass, kaffir lime, hot pepper, lime juice and fish sauce

  • oxtail soup

    Oxtail Soup

    Soop Hang Woa

    Clear spicy and sour oxtail soup. 

  • southern sour curry paste

    Southern Sour Curry Paste

    Prig Gang Som Tai

    Fiery hot curry paste for southern sour curry.

  • pumpkin curry

    Pumpkin Curry

    Gang Ped Fug Tong

    Creamy and mild pumpkin curry.

  • vegetarian pumpkin curry

    Vegetarian Pumpkin Curry

    Gang Ped Fug Tong Mungsavirat

    Vegetarian creamy, mild pumpkin curry

  • royal mee grob

    Royal Mee Grob

    Mee Grob Chow Wung

    Sweet and sour crispy fried rice vermicelli served with beansprouts and Chinese chives.

  • som tum

    Som Tum

    Som Tum Thai Pboo

    Spicy green papaya salad with dried shimp and salted crab

  • tom yum pork ribs

    Tom Yum Pork Ribs

    Tom Yum Gradoog Moo

    Sour and spicy pork rib soup loaded with lemongrass, galangal, shallots and kaffir lime leaves

  • shrimp paste rice

    Shrimp Paste Rice

    Kow Klook Gapi

    Rice mixed with shrimp paste spiced with shreded green mango and shallots served with fried egg, sweetened pork.

  • salted crab sauce

    Salted Crab Sauce

    Lohn Pboo Kem

    Creamy coconut sauce with salted crabs served with fresh vegetables.

  • tom sab leng

    Tom Sab Leng

    Fallen off the bone pork backbones in super spicy and sour broth

  • vegan mango salad

    Vegan Mango Salad

    Yum Mamuang Mungsavirat

    Spicy refreshing green mango salad with toasted peanuts

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