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pak chee   ผักชี

Fresh cilantro or Chinese parsley is widely available in any supermarket now. The difference between the fresh and the dried is so great, that for all recipes, I highly recommend using the fresh. It comes in a bunch, priced from 50 cents to $1.50. If you get it from an oriental grocery, you will frequently find that it comes with roots.

Many Thai recipes call for its roots. The roots are crushed for soup. The leaves and stems are cut up for garnish in noodles and 'yum' (salad).

However, at most U.S. supermarkets, the roots are cut off. I find that the stems are a good substitute for roots.

The seeds are called coriander and used in many Thai curry pastes.

I sow the seeds directly on the soil in Spring and by the time the air is warm, I have my fresh cilantro.

Recipes made with cilantro

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