Yellow Bean Sauce

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yellow bean sauce

Tow Jiew   เต้าเจี้ยว

This is a Chinese influenced sauce that is used in some stir fry dishes and as a condiment. It is a brownish opaque liquid with half beans floating and comes in a bottle or jar.  Some yellow bean sauce is darker than the other.

Recipes made with Yellow Bean Sauce

  • chicken on rice with hot yellow bean sauce

    Chicken on Rice with Hot Yellow Bean Sauce

    Kow Mun Gai

    Chicken on rice cooked in chicken broth served with spicy soy bean sauce

  • hot yellow bean sauce

    Hot Yellow Bean Sauce

    Nam Jim Kow Mun Gai

    It's this spicy sauce that makes the dish!

  • noodles in gravy

    Noodles in Gravy

    Rad Nah

    Soft rice noodles and Chinese broccoli with pork and gravy

  • rad na

    Rad Na

    Rad Na Moo

    Soft thick rice noodles in a warm gravy with pork and Chinese Broccoli.

  • royal mee grob

    Royal Mee Grob

    Mee Grob Chow Wung

    Sweet and sour crispy fried rice vermicelli served with beansprouts and Chinese chives.

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